Bet365 Bingo
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bet365 bingoLet’s Play Bingo that’s what Bet365 Bingo says and they say it with the backing of some absolutely fabulous 75, 80 and 90 Ball Bingo games – plus a wealth of top offers and benefits as well! Promotions such as “Dream Ticket Bingo”, “£10k Bingo Linx”, “First Class Fever”, some great “BOGOF Bingo”, “Free Bingo”, the “£100 Link Trio” and “£365 Flat Out Frenzy” and not to forget the “£1,000 Cash Climber” either.

They are not all that is on offer at Bet365 Bingo – but they will start you off with a bang players!

Let’s start by taking a quick look at what ‘Dream Ticket Bingo’ offers players! You need to bingo it to win it of course! Seize a chance to share in a multi-million pound win as you play in the EuroMillions lottery as part of a syndicate for Free – simply through playing standard 90 Ball Bingo games at Bet365 Bingo!

Once you ‘Opt In’ players, for every £10 you spend on standard 90 Ball Bingo tickets, with Bet365 Bingo, you will be automatically added to a syndicate sharing one line in the Euromillions lottery and a portion of that £10 will be applied towards the purchase of that line! Log into Bet365 Bingo for further info and details players!

As for the ‘£10K Bingo Linx’ – this is the way to get connected with the Bet365 ‘Big Money Link Games’! Every day there’s as much as £7,500 up for grabs in 3 fantastic Bingo Linx games at Bet365 Bingo. Log onto Bet365 for the details and times.

‘First Class Fever’ – with First Class Prizes of up to £1,000! Just pop along for your dose of Bingo Fever to the Bet365 First Class Lounge – it’s a great infection to get with this daily prize pool of £1,000! Spend £10 or more on bingo tickets to get on the special guest list!

‘Free Bingo’ at Bet365 is on offer each day – every single day. The Free Bingo games are worth up to £50 too. Simply look for the Free Bingo games on the Bingo Schedule or Weekly Calendar to get involved in the action!

Don’t forget – the ‘£365 Flat Out Frenzy’ either players – feel the thrills of Speed Bingo at its best. The tickets in this game cost just 1p each too – and can work out at even less! With £365 up for grabs, including a consolation pot, there’s literally a prize for everyone!

And what about that series of games where the prizes increase with every game – the ‘£1,000 Cash Climber’ players! Reach for the top in each of the 10 games which make up the ‘£1,000 Cash Climber’ promotion. As the games continue, the excitement increases along with the prizes from Bet365 Bingo!

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