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There’s great Team Bing” going on at the moment at Betfred Bingo as well, tune in and check out the team names – ‘Smarty Pants’, ‘Effin Colours’, ‘Bingo Buster’ and the others. Log on and check out how you can become involved with one team or another!

With regard to the ‘Bingo Factor’, relax players the questions aren’t hard – particularly if you’re a ‘celebrity fan’ and know your stuff –ie you’re up to date on celeb knowledge and all their crazy slightly loopy goings on.

And you can make money out of your celeb knowledge for a change with the Betfred Bingo Factor! All it takes is for you to go to the Betfred Bunker Room on Thursday evenings at 9pm and join in with the quiz!

Correctly answer the 10 questions asked by the Chat Moderator about the X-Factor – points are then awarded for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd persons to answer each question correctly. The person at the end with the most points wins £60, the second £30 and the third £10!

When it comes to top quality Team Bingo – and that’s exactly what you get at Betfred – you cant do any better than this different Team Bingo with a twist! You see players, Betfred Bingo themselves randomly pick the teams, not you! Each team has five participants who have appropriately indicated that they would like to be involved by contacting Betfred!

The Team Bingo runs for one hour twice per week in the famous Betfred Bunker – from 2pm to 3pm on Wednesday afternoons and again from 7pm to 8pm on Sunday nights! The scoring is so simple too – each time a Team Member ‘bingos’ on a FH they will receive a £1 bonus each and the Team scores 2 points. And, if all the winners on the day (either Wednesday or Sunday) are from the same team, they will receive 3 points extra!

Log into Betfred Bingo today to find about this newish Team Bingo concept from Betfred!

AND as for the Betfred Bingo “Bingo VIP Hall” well that’s where the best of best bonus things happen players. Betfred have devised a VIP Program that all players can participate in and enjoy, where loyalty is rewarded big time at Betfred – along with ticket buys and game play!

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