Shake Up Your Bingo Routine with Jackpotjoy’s Bingo 75 Games

If you’re a bingo-lover looking to try something new, there are plenty of alternatives to the standard bingo 90 game. Why not give bingo 75 a whirl? It’s a fun twist on the familiar bingo 90 format that’s fast, chock full of patterns, and every bit as rewarding, with progressive jackpots to play for too.

Fast-paced fun

Just as the name suggests, one of the main differences between bingo 90 and bingo 75 is the number of balls used. With 75 balls being called instead of the standard 90, Jackpotjoy’s bingo 75 games features all of the bingo action you’re used to, but at a faster pace. Less balls to be called, and less numbers to be marked off makes this a perfect bingo option for those looking to fit games into a busy schedule, or for bingo fans that just love their games fast and exciting.

Try your hand at winning patterns

Jackpotjoy’s bingo 75 games take the standard bingo format and layout and shake things up. So instead of trying to complete those same old winning lines of numbers, these games award their prizes to players that complete a specific winning pattern on their tickets. Every game has its own set of winning patterns, and these are always shown in the top left-hand corner of the screen, so you always know what you’re aiming for. From love hearts to flowers, there are lots of fun patterns to play for, and of course, you can still win big by completing a blackout – by marking off every number on your card.


Big payouts with progressive jackpots

Bingo 75 games may be shorter but the prizes up for grabs can be just as big as you’ll find in bingo 90 games. At Jackpotjoy bingo there are progressive jackpots to play for in their bingo 75 games, which really helps to boost that potential jackpot. If you haven’t played a progressive game before, it doesn’t change the bingo gameplay at all, it just means that a portion of each player’s ticket money is automatically added to the progressive jackpot total – so the more people who play, the bigger the jackpot grows until one lucky player scoops the lot.

Give it a whirl

Just head over to the Jackpotjoy website, where you’ll find bingo 75 games available to play from just 10p per ticket. If you’re new to the site you’ll need to create an account in order to play, but registering is easy. First timers are also entitled to a welcome bonus at the site right now, so when you deposit your first £10, you’ll receive £35 to play with.

Rundown of Crown Bingo’s Bonus Benefits

Check out the Crown Bingo winter sale, with its hot offers, including bargain bingo bonus – hurry though because it nearly over. Log onto Crown and pop through to room 2. The bargains cover a variety of games, including bogof, 1p/2p games and heaps of free bingo. Check this out for yourselves and enjoy the benefits.

If you haven’t played yet at Crown, make up for your loss by joining now and enjoying that royal invitation welcome party – that lasts for 7 days (starting from the Monday after you actually register) and is literally packed with a range of fantastic feature games.

Speaking of royalty, also investigate Crown Bingo’s vip royalty scheme as well. Then, of course, there are those fabulous promotions including the £10K 75 ball nigh (sorry you’ve just missed that one – but there’s plenty more).

You’ve still got a day or two to benefit from that special summer sale (up to Tuesday, 10 July anyway) log on now!

Crown Bingo really is a site that’s continually conducting multi-thousand £ promotions so it really does pay to keep returning there to checking what has been added, adapted or subtracted. If you neglect to check regularly you could keep missing out!

But if you do miss out on any of their special promotions, there is always those daily promotions (in room 1) to turn to! Promos such as cheap tickets, the last chance saloon, penny bingo, bog2f, bogof, prize money mix-up and bingo linx (of course).

There’s also those specials which operate between 7pm and 11pm most days of the week. Maybe magic Mondays, jackpots Wednesdays, big games (on Thursdays), Friday fever or even super Sunday!

Room 1 isn’t the only room that boasts those excellent daily promotions either! You can also turn to room 2 which boasts some very good daily highlights for you to enjoy.

Room 2’s assortment of game promotions includes such events as both 1tg and 2tg games, big 50 games (at 5.30pm, 7.30pm and 9.30pm), as well as superbooks between 9 and 10pm. Session bingo also raises its head and there is a penny bingo special each Monday at 7pm as well!

Online Bingo – Not For Me

I would guess you already know because of the relentless bombardment of advertisements on television and in magazines; but the apparent phenomenon of online bingo is hitting new heights in popularity.

I suppose I can (vaguely) see the appeal to it; the range of games and speed at which you can get involved in a game. The way the modern world is now, “living life in the fast lane” means everything has to be done and finished at break neck speed so this sort of service will naturally do well - Immediate service to the impatient.

That is all well and good for some, and I understand it to a certain degree, but the whole thing really isn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong, the perks are good, the rewards you can pick up and what not, but it’s a pretty big sacrifice and departure to make from our beloved, traditional “land-based” bingo.

I think the biggest put off for me concerning internet bingo is the social aspect of it all. To me, a big part of it is meeting friends and new people, having a laugh and a joke making it an entire experience. As dramatic as it may sound, it’s like an event in itself; getting ready, catching the bus or driving over to the hall with a bunch of others a couple of times a week. To take the social side of the experience and to only allow interaction with a laptop screen takes the out the fun of playing bingo. Many of these online companies have set up these internet messaging services in play so you can “talk” to other players on the website but you surely cannot claim that it’s the same?

As for those supposed rewards you can pick up on these websites, like free games etc, the catch is that you have to spend a pretty hefty amount initially in order to qualify for them, slightly cheeky. My local bingo hall offers up free games for signing up and regular customers anyway, and besides you’re getting far more for the experience as it is.

Some of you may absolutely adore playing online, but please bare in mind the classic game because believe me when I say that it’s much more exciting and enjoyable.

Free and Mega Bingo at the Cafe

Heaps of bingo games and other chances to win at Bingo Café UK! Free Bingo, Mega Bingo as well as Tourneys and Competitions – Pot O’ Gold, Rainbow Connection, Spin to Win and the Weekly Slot Tournaments for instance.

Great Bonus Offers available at Bingo Café – starting with the Sign-Up Offer, then there is the 300% First Deposit Bonus, followed by the various Reload Bonuses!

Log onto Bingo Café and check out their winners – plenty of them. They even have some great information (articles and tips) which you will find helpful and encouraging when you play at the site.

For example, they explain about playing No Deposit Bingo at Bingo Café. Being able to play bingo for free, then getting some real cash if you win, may come across as too good to be true to some of you but that is exactly what the concept is behind the no-deposit bonus.

Free Bingo means exactly that – free! Although you need to be aware that the Free Bingo games play randomly at Bingo Café, both in the Bistro Bar (75 ball) and in the Abbey Road rooms (90 Ball) during the CM hours of noon until Midnight.

Log on to get all the information necessary about the free games.

Some special changes made to Bingo Café’s Mega Bingo Marathon this month. Although most of the Must Go games (on every evening) are £500 games, there are 3 different elements forming part of this promotion during June.

First of all there is a number of £250 Freerolls (at different times in the evening, then there’s the £500 games of course (always held at 10pm), and the big £1,000 special games. Log on and check out the timing of all 3 opportunities!

As a matter of fact there is another £1,000 Must Go game on next Saturday, June 23 with the final one of the month being set for Saturday, 30 June.

Your best aid at Bingo Café has to be the Bingo Schedule which lists all that is currently on and will be on in the future.

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