Bingo Café Offers Unique Bingo Gaming

Bingo Café offers you a completely different take on your favourite bingo game. With various bingo rooms available, it may take you a while to settle in. However, once you do you will love the “real life” aspect of the site (especially when you play the table games).

Playing 75 Ball Table Bingo at Bingo Café

The unique thing about table bingo is that once you enter, you are faced with a “café” setting. There are tables and chairs,  an area where the bingo balls are and a desk. You have to find an empty seat and at the top of the chair it will say “Play Bingo”. You have to double click the chair in order to play.

The unique thing about Bingo Café is that you can walk around as an animated character. There is a tab menu once you have logged in and you can choose the game that you want to play in. There is a chat bar at the bottom of the screen and that is how you talk with other members in the same room. Once you have finished typing, what you have said will show up in a speech bubble above your head.

The bingo game itself is the same as it would be on any other bingo site. The rules are the same in the fact that there are 75 balls. You have to bingo on a certain pattern to win. The amount of money that you win will depend entirely upon the amount of players and the number of cards that have been purchased.

Overall Bingo Café may not have as many promotions as many of the other bingo sites, but they make up for that with the fun factor. Having your own animated character adds to the excitement and “realness” of the game.

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