Bingo Liner
4 Stars

The Bingo Liner Walk & Chat Software is the icing on the Bingo Liner cake as far as players are concerned players. It adds to the fun and entertainment value of the site. And players do tend to make more bingo buddies.

But importantly, it’s the top quality bingo at Bingo Liner that wins the day! Read what one recent winner had to say about playing at Bingo Liner “I am so excited that I hit such a great win on Posh Life – I love this game” She actually won £2,505!

Of course the £10 Free that Bingo Liner give on just Sign-up is only the first of a range of Special Offers and/or benefits you will receive from them – there’s also the ‘20% Back on ALL future deposits’ for example.

We would suggest that all players who want to get the best they possibly can from Bingo Liner, make sure that they keep up to date with what is happening through the ‘Weekly Newsletter’ – that way you will be sure not to miss out on events such as “Bingo Ball Fever”, the “Prize Shop”, the great range of “Bingo Liner Free Games”, “Power Ball, and all the great Bingo Liner ‘Tournaments’ as well.

And always remember to keep an eye on the fabulous collection of Hot Progressives as well – they run from just a few thousand £’s right up to half a million £’s or more!

As for ‘Power Ball’, well just bingo on the powerball number and you’ll automatically qualify for a £25 bonus. Log onto Bingo Liner to note the power ball numbers for each week!

Free Bingo – well just make sure you’re an active bingo players, and deposit one every 7 days, and you will qualify for the Bingo Liner Free Bingo Hours. Ask your friendly CM for the details! Don’t worry players – ALL qualifying players are notified well in advance, prior to the Free Game hour!

And what is the “Prize Shop” promo all about – just play bingo in the Starboard Lounge between the hours noted below, and the Top 5 game winners (during each hour block) will be awarded prize points!

Also, top wagers for non-bingo games played during the week will be awarded prize points each Wednesday during the month!

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