Bingo Scotland
3 Stars

Players can be assured that the bouncing ball of Bingo Scotland can always be relied on to deliver to them – deliver heaps of Scottie Points, heaps of prizes, heaps of benefits and plenty of new friends!

Simply log onto Bingo Scotland to discover the benefits of playing (and winning) there!

To start with Bingo Scotland boasts some excellent Special Games – such as “iPhone Insanity”, “Game Goodies”, “TV Treat” and “Happy Lappy” as well as a host of other special games, including “Coverall Peak”, “£1,000 Coveralls” and the famous “Scot Pot”!

Most probably the thing that Bingo Scotland is most famous, and very well regarded for though, is their amazing range of “Progressive Jackpots” actually they run their Progressive Jackpots at Bingo Scotland not just once, twice or three times per day – but 12 times per day and every day too!

Yes, Bingo Scotland, run their superb Progressive Jackpots a staggering 12 times per day between 12.30pm and 12.30am – each day – on the half-hour in Bingo Hall A! Bingo on the “Progressive Pound” jackpot game in 30 calls or less and win a progressive jackpot or two!

There’s also the fun range of games at Bingo Scotland to try – the (i) Chocco Lotto Tuesdays, the (ii) Party Thursdays, the (iii) Fab Fridays, and a range of other specials.

Click through to the “Forum” after logging onto Bingo Scotland for more details and to ask about other promotions that may be coming up in the near future!

The Bingo Scotland ‘£1,000 Coveralls’ is an extremely enjoyable promotion. Play this crazy Coverall, that has a minimum payout of £50 but a maximum of £1,000, each Saturday from Midday to Midnight. Log onto Bingo Scotland and simply click through to the ‘Hot Scots Bingo Hall’!

Next weekend, DON’T MISS the ‘Scot Pot’ – this promo is all about bingoing on a special number to win a share of a massive jackpot. Go to the Bingo Scotland newsletter for the details and the number f course!

PRE-BUY PRIZE GAMES – HUGE at Bingo Scotland. They have iPhones, they have heaps of Playstations, they have lots of fab TVs and heaps of Laptop Computers – all waiting to be won in some of the best Pre-Buy games on the Net.

For instance, how about “iPhone Insanity” played each Thursday evening at 8pm. This game is a 90 Ball Pre-Buy Special event and its tickets cost only a very reasonable 50p each too!

There’s also ‘Game Goodies’ – players can, and do, win items such as Playstations, Sony PSPs, Nintendo’s etc with this one. Another 90 Ball Pre-Buy Special, played each Friday evening, also at 8pm and also at only 50p per card!

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