Cheeky Bingo Giving you More

Cheeky Bingo are certainly now giving you more in the way of guaranteed jackpot games! Did you know that cheeky now run around £100,000 worth of guaranteed jackpots on a monthly basis?

Well yes they do ad you are able to check out the full detailed schedule by simply going to their site and this will make sure you never miss a great jackpot again.

When Cheeky Bingo first hit the net they took the game of free bingo to a whole new level and lots of other bingo sites have been trying to catch up with them ever since in this free arena.

What remains good about the free bingo deals on cheeky is that they pay out all free winnings in the form of cash and not bonus funds. So you can basically do whatever you want with them, withdraw, play more bingo in their real play rooms, etc, etc.

lots of bingo sites now offer free bingo games, but what you may not realise is that they pay you out in bonus funds and you are very limited as to what you can do with this type of payment, in fact bonus funds can never be withdrawn from your account and you can only used them to purchase more bingo tickets with.

So whilst on the surface (free bingo) may seem the same from one site to the next, it is definitely not.

As soon as you sign up with Cheeky Bingo you will be able to access some of their free play bingo rooms and this will give you the opportunity to try their site out before parting with any of your own cash.

The only downfall to playing in some of the free play bingo rooms at cheeky is that the prize pots on offer are relatively small and we are talking between £1 and £10, plus lots of players seem to be competing for those free cash prizes.

On the up side though, its free right? So you have got nothing to lose!

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