Cuddly Creatures Slot on Foxy Bingo

Play at Foxy Bingo hereA massive £15,000 guaranteed jackpot will be coming out to play at Foxy Bingo on Tuesday 31st Jan and what is super about this game is you could will all that cash effectively for free, by winning free cards.

How, you may ask? Well it is quite simple really. Every single week Foxy run a casino promotion, and this week it is linked to their cuddly creatures slot game.

Take their cuddly creatures slot for at least 10 spins before Sunday 22nd Jan and you will grab 1 ticket for the Foxy Bingo £15,000 game which will be coming out to play in just over a week’s time now.

If you are into slots along with bingo, this is your chance to win a big bingo jackpot for free this month. You can of course log onto Foxy and simply purchase cards for the game yourself, or just stick with the 1 free card – as it only takes one ticket to win it and we have seen that happen before.

How would you like to grab a free tenner on Foxy? Their team are currently looking to speak to some real life players about their experience at their site. This will consist of a phone call with them which should last around 45 minutes.

They of course cannot talk to everyone, so only some players will get a phone call from them and get their hands on the free cash. You do need to apply by filling out a form on Foxy where you just have to answer some simply questions, such as what your username is, how long you have been a player, what games you mostly play, how often you play, what you think is great about foxy and what they could improve.

It is good to see a site take the time out to see exactly what their players think – this is what makes a top UK bingo site on the net, a place Foxy Bingo is already sitting at and they obviously want to stay there.

We just wish all sites would follow their lead in listening (really listening) to what real bingo players want.

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