Enjoy Chat Game Promotions with Crown Bingo

If you love chat games then you will love the chat game promotions at Crown Bingo. There is over £100 to be won every single day while you play the game that you love. So just what promotions are there to take part in?

The Chat Game Promotions

There are so many different chat game promotions that you could benefit from and the ones listed below are some of the most popular.

Firstly you have Birthday Bingo. This promotion allows each player to give the chat CM their birthday. There are three sets of numbers in each person’s birthday. For example, if you were born on the 16th May 1958, your three sets of numbers would be 16/05/58. These 3 numbers become your lucky numbers and if you manage to get all three balls covered then you will win £1. Once you have all three balls simply shout “It’s my Birthday” and you will be credited £1 into your account. This takes place every single day.

Bingo Roulette is another popular promotion. You simply pick a number from 1-90 and if the number is called in 20 or fewer balls then you win £1 if you shout “Roulette”. This promotion is exciting and it adds a little extra to your traditional bingo game.

If you feel unlucky and you think you need more than one chance to win then the “Lucky Gem” promotion is definitely for you. First you have to pick a number between 1-90.  As soon as your number is called, shout “Lucky Gem” and you will be credited with 50p into your account. There are two prizes of 50p to be won in each game. So even if you aren’t the first player to get your lucky number called, you could still be the second.

Overall the chat game promotions at Crown Bingo are exciting and they add something different to your usual bingo game. The prizes may not be amazing, but they still add up. So why not take part today and potentially even meet new friends while you play?

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