Jackpotjoy Bingo Site Crash

jackpotjoy bingoLast night Jackpotjoy Bingo had a major problem with their site as it crashed completely with no warning.

Their players had reported a number of difficulties with the site prior to the crash with games not loading properly, continuously getting booted and not being able to purchase tickets to name just a few. Then all of a sudden they were gone – bang, their virtual wares were no more!

When you tired to log onto Jackpotjoy Bingo after the site had gone down, it came up with this message.

We will be back soon

To make sure we are always offering you the best gaming experience, we’re constantly innovating which means sometimes we need to close the site. So whilst we are working away, why not enjoy a game of bejeweled on us.

Simply click on the (check now) button to refresh the page and find out when we are back online. We will see you soon.

When we clicked the check now button nothing at all happened, so they basically gave you no indication whatsoever as to when they would be back on – a fat lot of good that was, not.

The bejeweled game, which was free to play did help to pass the time away, but not much good if you wanted to play for real cash.

Cutting to the chase, they had technical difficulties with their site – no more, no less. A lot of online gaming sites do suffer from such technical hitches from time to time; it is part and parcel really of the industry, as you just never know when a server is going to play up which is out of everyone’s control.

Technical difficulties like this can be extremely annoying for players and to add insult to injury the Jackpotjoy Bingo hosts did not handle the situation very well when their site came back online and subsequently crashed again. We see players in chat swearing, making sexual innuendos, mentioning other sites and being downright rude – all of which is prohibited in chat rooms.

On a brighter note, JackpotJoy Bingo are up and running fully functional today, let’s just hope they stay that way :).

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