King Jackpot Bingo
4.5 Stars

Logging onto the King Jackpot Bingo site these days truly is a player delight and very informative. Its so every easy to see what’s happening – whether it be Bingo (of any kind), Slots, Quick Games, Casino Games and then there’s all the Hot Specials, listings of the latest great King Jackpot Winners.

All this and more news and info is there on the Home Page for players to see with a supply of quick links that players can access!

King Jackpot Bingo is “visible” in that they show players exactly what they will get with their site – ‘Winners’ list for instance down the bottom of the Home Page is easy to follow, ‘Hot Specials’ is very informative – telling you about the current Mega Bingo games, the £10 Free Sign-up Offer, plus 200 free slot spins, the 300% Bonus etc

Now its that beautiful time of year – when the “Autumn Auction” happens at King Jackpot Bingo. Instead of watching all those leaves drop all the time this month, spend more time watching your bingo balls fall – its all part of the anticipation of the exciting new King Jackpot Bingo competition of course – its relatively easy to win a share of the huge pot involved.

Make sure you keep an eye out for the next ‘100% Back Day’ which will usually occur at king Jackpot Bingo !

But there’s no need for you to keep missing out on the latest (and one of the best) King Jackpot Bingo ‘MegaBingo Marathon’ – a lot of £’s have been won so far but there’s still thousands of £’s up for grabs.

Log into King Jackpot Bingo and check things out players!

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