Member Commets at Crown Bingo

Crown Bingo are a fun online bingo site to play at and they bring with it a good online bingo community to be a part of. Whilst looking at their site today I had a wander in their members area and read some of the comments their bingo players had made about playing at their bingo site, so I thought that I would share them with you to as I found them to be a very good read.

All of Crown Bingos members comments are 100% genuine and the only thing that would ever be changed would be a grammar mistake, take a look!!

Yasmin, aka (Roots1812) – “Just wanted to leave a message expressing how pleased I was to have won almost £80 with my free complimentary £1. Never expected to win, but not only did I win and withdrew £70, but also got to play many games. The 2p & 5p games are great to have fun playing bingo without breaking the bank if you don’t win. Thanks very much Crown Bingo!”

Rita, aka (willsmum27) – “I’m amazed at this site! I had £1 free pound and i bought 2 tickets at a time and won £63.20 on number 33 then bought 6 tickest and won £84.92 on number 33! I was astounded and I’m going to reccommend this site to everyone. Thank you! I’m definitely staying on this site cause i have tried a few and on here everyone is so friendly. Everyone congratulated me on my wins, thank you very much you made my day!”

Donna Mill, aka (makkaxxpakka) – “Crown Bingo is the BEST! CMs are so funny, bingo blog is fantastic and can’t wait to read more! Well done CM hopp!”

Lorraine, aka (danielle17) – “I would just like to say your Customer Service team is the best. Very helpful and friendly. Thank you.”

Kim Clay, aka (kim2win) – “I have never met such a bunch of lunatics in my life, but what a great bunch they are! Crown Bingo is tops, CMs are brill, just love this site, keep up the good work. Luv it!”

Jeanette, aka (wolf50) – “This is a fab site, used to use Gala Bingo but that is rubbish, CMs are fab, only problems is the caller could do with castrating sometimes!”

I hope you found this a good a read as I did and they bring you a very good indication of just what it is really like to play at Crown Bingo online!

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