Online Bingo – Not For Me

I would guess you already know because of the relentless bombardment of advertisements on television and in magazines; but the apparent phenomenon of online bingo is hitting new heights in popularity.

I suppose I can (vaguely) see the appeal to it; the range of games and speed at which you can get involved in a game. The way the modern world is now, “living life in the fast lane” means everything has to be done and finished at break neck speed so this sort of service will naturally do well – Immediate service to the impatient.

That is all well and good for some, and I understand it to a certain degree, but the whole thing really isn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong, the perks are good, the rewards you can pick up and what not, but it’s a pretty big sacrifice and departure to make from our beloved, traditional “land-based” bingo.

I think the biggest put off for me concerning internet bingo is the social aspect of it all. To me, a big part of it is meeting friends and new people, having a laugh and a joke making it an entire experience. As dramatic as it may sound, it’s like an event in itself; getting ready, catching the bus or driving over to the hall with a bunch of others a couple of times a week. To take the social side of the experience and to only allow interaction with a laptop screen takes the out the fun of playing bingo. Many of these online companies have set up these internet messaging services in play so you can “talk” to other players on the website but you surely cannot claim that it’s the same?

As for those supposed rewards you can pick up on these websites, like free games etc, the catch is that you have to spend a pretty hefty amount initially in order to qualify for them, slightly cheeky. My local bingo hall offers up free games for signing up and regular customers anyway, and besides you’re getting far more for the experience as it is.

Some of you may absolutely adore playing online, but please bare in mind the classic game because believe me when I say that it’s much more exciting and enjoyable.

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