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play2win bingoWhy not try Topper of the Day at Play2Win Bingo! Or ‘Refer a Friend’ and grab yourself a £10 Amazon Voucher if they deposit. There is absolutely no limit to the number of vouchers that you can earn either!

In fact, every single time you refer a friend to Play2Win Bingo, and they join, both yourself and your friend will get something! Your friend £15 to try out the Play2Win games and you a bonus equal to the 1st Deposit amount made by your friend – PLUS 10% of all their deposits for the following 60 Days! Beat that for the best “Refer a Friend” DEAL on the Net – bet you cant players!

If you’re wondering how best to go about referring friends to Play2Win (and why wouldn’t you want to tell all your nearest and dearest about such a great giving site) simply log onto Play2Win Bingo for suggestions that make it easier for you – Play2Win have several good ones!

One Play2Win offer of course that you could tell your friends about would be the ‘200% Bonus on the 1st 3 Deposits’ – now that’s a real winner! But there’s other Deposit Specials that you really should tell them about, as well as, utilizing of course yourselves. And that is the “Bingo Scholarships & Bonuses” of course!

You, and they, can earn anything from a Flat 125% Bonus all the way up to a 300% Bonus (plus an accompanying 20% Cash Back). Now they are real bonuses players, bonuses not to be missed.

Or maybe you could try out, then pass on, the news about ‘Scholastic Bingo’, some great Fixed Pot Games (£35 to £75) currently being played in the Play2Win 90 Bingo Hall!

Then of course there’s also ‘Recess Time’ – take a break players and join in with the other folks in the 80 Bingo Hall at Play2Win for 2 Free Games every single hour – log onto Play2Win now and try Recess Time out!

Of course you definitely shouldn’t miss attending the ‘Math Lab’ at Play2Win either. Zoom into the Math Lab to practice your 75 Ball arithmetic. Collect a set of all 3 patterns which are played 3 times in an hour – 1 Set equals 20 bonus points.

Of course many players really love a morning special and Play2Win have a beauty for you – its called the “Double Play Double Your Win” promotion.

Its all about playing just once but winning twice! Sounds appealing doesn’t it? Get Double Jackpots every single morning (while this promotion is running), PLUS get 2 Double Pots per hour – doubled from 2am to 8am!

But that’s not all with ‘Double Play Double Your Win’ – there’s much more to this promotion at Play2Win. Please log onto the site to see what other treats are involved with this particular promotion – including TRIPLE JACKPOTS & TRIPLED POTS!

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