Posh Bingo Play Ton Bingo

Posh Bingo has definitely got the hang of it! They definitely know how to choose their promos so that everyone is going to love and enjoy as much as the other. And one of these promos is their new ‘Posh Ton’ feature which they got running at their online bingo site when summer started and what a better time to start a brand new promo then when a new season came into action.

But what makes this promo so great? Well that I can tell you; every single day a guaranteed jackpot prize will be up for grabs, that’s the same prize every day, that’s having the chance to win big money every day and it’s also played at the same time every day! So why not add this game into your daily routine as you never one day (or more) you could be going to bed with more money then you woke up with!

So 7:30pm is the scheduled for ‘Posh Ton’ and it’s perfect, just once your dinner has gone down and that bloated feeling is gone, Posh Bingo will be waiting for you to play their fab ‘Posh Ton’ promo at their online bingo site. And tickets are only 10p a go so why not grab yourself some more than usual as the more tickets you have the more chance you have of winning this daily prize. Plus you can purchase as little or as many tickets as you like, from 5 to 96 tickets.

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, how much the amount of this prize is…and that’s going to be a whooping £100! Oh yes imagine having an extra £100 in your pocket, think of all the things you could do with that great cash prize.

Sounds like a game that you would love to play? Well if that’s the case then join lots of other bingo players in the Posh Ton room at 7:30pm every day and don’t forget the online bingo site of Posh Bingo are responsible for creating such a fab promo!

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