Shake Up Your Bingo Routine with Jackpotjoy’s Bingo 75 Games

If you’re a bingo-lover looking to try something new, there are plenty of alternatives to the standard bingo 90 game. Why not give bingo 75 a whirl? It’s a fun twist on the familiar bingo 90 format that’s fast, chock full of patterns, and every bit as rewarding, with progressive jackpots to play for too.

Fast-paced fun

Just as the name suggests, one of the main differences between bingo 90 and bingo 75 is the number of balls used. With 75 balls being called instead of the standard 90, Jackpotjoy’s bingo 75 games features all of the bingo action you’re used to, but at a faster pace. Less balls to be called, and less numbers to be marked off makes this a perfect bingo option for those looking to fit games into a busy schedule, or for bingo fans that just love their games fast and exciting.

Try your hand at winning patterns

Jackpotjoy’s bingo 75 games take the standard bingo format and layout and shake things up. So instead of trying to complete those same old winning lines of numbers, these games award their prizes to players that complete a specific winning pattern on their tickets. Every game has its own set of winning patterns, and these are always shown in the top left-hand corner of the screen, so you always know what you’re aiming for. From love hearts to flowers, there are lots of fun patterns to play for, and of course, you can still win big by completing a blackout – by marking off every number on your card.


Big payouts with progressive jackpots

Bingo 75 games may be shorter but the prizes up for grabs can be just as big as you’ll find in bingo 90 games. At Jackpotjoy bingo there are progressive jackpots to play for in their bingo 75 games, which really helps to boost that potential jackpot. If you haven’t played a progressive game before, it doesn’t change the bingo gameplay at all, it just means that a portion of each player’s ticket money is automatically added to the progressive jackpot total – so the more people who play, the bigger the jackpot grows until one lucky player scoops the lot.

Give it a whirl

Just head over to the Jackpotjoy website, where you’ll find bingo 75 games available to play from just 10p per ticket. If you’re new to the site you’ll need to create an account in order to play, but registering is easy. First timers are also entitled to a welcome bonus at the site right now, so when you deposit your first £10, you’ll receive £35 to play with.

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