Which Bingo Results for Bingo Sites of the year 2008

Which Bingo conducts a voting on the online Bingo sites in the UK and announces the popular sites among Bingo lovers every year.  Accordingly for the year 2008 this site has released the results of the voting conducted and as per their voters’ choice, here are the top 20 online Bingo sites selected:

1. JackpotJoy Bingo
2 Platinum Play Bingo
3 Crown Bingo
4 Bingo Liner (UK)
5 Sun Bingo
6 Tombola Bingo
7 Bingo Playground
8 House Of Bingo
9 Gone Bingo UK
10 Foxy Bingo
11 Bingo MagiX
12 Free Bingo.co.uk
13 Rehab Bingo
14 Wink Bingo
15 Gala Bingo
16 Harry’s Bingo
17 All Bingo Club
18 Ladbrokes Bingo
19 Mecca Bingo
20 888Ladies

Well – the results are rather amusing for those, who are seasoned bingo players and site reviewers.  First the voting process gives room for inducements and it is not uncommon to see many sites requesting their players to vote in favour of them very openly.  The moment canvassing is done, directly or indirectly, there goes the fairness of the selection, since any award as the Best Online site of the Year should be through unbiased evaluations, where only the merit is the criterion.

Jackpot Joy has been selected as the top site followed by Platinum Play Bingo and Crown Bingo.  There is no question about the popularity of these sites and the entertainment they have been providing to their players with technology upgrades, features, promotions, game varieties and prizes offered etc.

What is intriguing is the pioneers of online Bingo sites, either with sound backing experience in conducting offline Bingo Clubs or having memberships in comparatively very large numbers, have been relegated to places far below in these rankings.  Examples are Mecca Bingo, Gala Bingo, Wink Bingo and Foxy Bingo etc. ”

Which Bingo has released a long list of 98 Bingo online sites, where it is even more surprising to find some Bingo sites which are very frequently in the news by their active performance like – Party Bingo, STV Bingo, ITV Bingo, Think Bingo, Virgin Bingo, Sky Bingo etc. – to find a place deep below the list. Similarly it is also surprising that some sites, the names of which are never heard of by the Bingo site reviewers, are finding a place prominent in the list, above the place of the so called popular sites.

However voting by Bingo players is to be believed to certain extent and it is heartening to note that innumerable players have participated in the voting to select the sites.  It is really a good sign for Bingo games in general and the growth of online Bingo playing in particular.

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