Win a Mini Game on Wink Bingo

The time is nearly here for the win a Mini Cooper game to come out to play on Wink Bingo, so as you can imagine the excitement is now building at their site.

Wink Bingo brought you the chance to win free cards
for their mini game which is set to take place in just a few days time now on New Year’s Day at 8pm sharp.

However (the win free tickets) promotional date has now passed, so if you have not got your tickets yet and would like to be in with the chance of winning a brand new mini car you can simply log onto their site and purchase them now.

Cards for the mini game will cost £5 each to purchase, well we are talking about being in with the chance of winning a brand new car here and not a small jackpot prize, so ticket prices for this game were bound to be a bit on the high side.

As there is only one prize which can be won on this game (a brand new 1.6 mini cooper car) if there is more than one winner a playoff game will have to take place. This will be arranged by the wink team and all parties involved will be informed. We have seen a playoff mini game take place in the past, so there is a real possibility of this happening again.

How nail biting must that be, you see you numbers come in and think you have won a mini, only to see another player or players name come up (as the case may be) and you have to go through it all again – but this time there will only be a couple of players involved.

Check out the features of the mini car – air conditioning, electric windows, CD and radio, remote central locking and alloy wheels! Plus, Wink Bingo will also be throwing in a 5 year Mini TLC service package & 12 months road tax!

There are already 3 members of the mini club at Wink Bingo, we now wait in anticipation to see who the 4th member will be!

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