Wink Bingo Mini Car

It is not long now until that win a mini cooper 1.6 car comes out to play on Wink Bingo, have you got your cards yet? They say good things come in small packages and they are not wrong about that with this super mini car.

What is amazing about this game on Wink Bingo, is they brought you the chance to win free tickets for this game by clocking up points over the past few months, which means someone could win the mini for free as well – now wouldn’t that be something?

There are already three wink players in the mini club, as they have run this super promo 3 times before and now they are looking for their 4th member. All previous winners of the mini games have been ladies, could a guy win it this time around? Well we will just have to wait and see!

The win a mini game will be coming out to play on New Year’s Day at Wink Bingo at 8pm and there can be only 1 winner of this one – well they can’t split the mini in two now cant they. So in the event of more than one winner, a play off game will take place (and this has happened once before).

Wink Bingo will set a date for the play off game and of course inform all parties involved.

If you have picked up mini points over the past few months, 500 points will equal 1 free mini card for you. You do also have the option of logging onto their site and purchasing cards for the game and they will cost £5 each – well this is a brand new mini copper car we are talking about being in with the chance of winning and not just a £100 prize pot.

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