Wink Bingo Secret Santa

Wink Bingo will be playing a secret Santa game on Christmas day and whilst we do not know how they will split the prize yet, we do know that a guaranteed jackpot of £5,000 will be won.

What a great Christmas present to yourself that would be to win a slice of a £5k prize!

Now the team at Wink Bingo are not stupid and they are aware lots of us will be busy on Christmas day, so pre-buy is available to use on this game  which means once you have purchased your tickets they will play for you whether you are online when the game takes place or not.

The is not a break the bank £5k festive game either, as your cards will cost just 50p each and this is not the end of the Xmas deals at this top UK bingo site.

Coming out to play on New Year’s day will be a game which brings you the chance to win a brand new 1.6 Mini Cooper car. Tickets will cost £5 each (pre-buy) available, but wink did also bring you the opportunity to win free cards into the game, so the mini can be won effectively for free.

To see in the New Year with another great bingo bang they have lined up a guaranteed £2,012 bingo game. This on will take place on 28th January 2012 and cards will cost just 20p each to purchase.

Let’s not forget either that those risk free joy of bingo games will be kicking off on Boxing day and up for grabs on these is £1500 worth of cash prizes.

Wink Bingo have run some amazing promotions throughout 2011 and we look forward to seeing what else they have got planned for 2012 – Merry Christmas!

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